Discussion on Drake was told not to respond to Pusha T says J. Prince of Rap-a-Lot records

So today we were just ranting about the fact that J.Prince told Drake not to respond to the Story of Adidon by Pusha T. Not sure the real reason why, but Prince was explaining it would end Pusha T’s career (highly doubt). Prince was saying in the interview (link below) that Pusha T went over the line when he starting mentioning (moms, Drake sick friend 40 who has MS (kind of fucked up there IMO) and other sorts of stuff that was disrespectful. The fact of the matter is there are no rules when it comes to battle rap at least thats what I thought. This has probably ended the beef that is between Pusha and Drake with Pusha T coming out on top, but it was one of the quickest man downs in the history of battle raps. Even Ja Rule who was alone beefing with damn near the entire G-Unit, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice etc… lasted longer than Drake. We will see though, but even with a response from Drake could not save him. Discussion on “Drake was told not to respond to Pusha T” says J. Prince of Rap-a-Lot records


Dennis: J prince told drake not to respond. He said drake got one that will end pusha career but I think he talking about something else

Detrick: I’m call BS on that if he decides to go that route

Dreezy: of course ” un “he needs to respond fuck that.

Mike: Yeah I heard that too but I doubt it

Dreezy: he the one that went there. Open tha damn blog gates I’m heated rt now!!! LoL

Dennis: Yeah I think its all a way to say don’t respond just take this loss. Career done for

Mike: Yeah cube thinks it’s a wrap for Drake. But Kanye tweeted no beef. Fuck outta here Ye.

Dennis: They can’t respond. Drake that is.

Mike: I don’t think a response is coming

Dennis: Nope

Detrick: Smfh fuck drake! He one of the reasons these new cats think they hard now! Ole studio gangsta ass niggas. Fucking up hip-hop or should I say the culture.

Mike: Its not the kids that rap its the higher guys up in the offices steering hip hop into a wall. Its all with that whole agenda shit.

Ryan: “Yuuck” (Pusha T voice)

Detrick: King Push all the way

Dreezy: He (Drake) makes good music though, but studio gangsta for sure.




We are all guilty of it…

Screenshot - 6_4_2018 , 8_23_07 PMhttps://www.theverge.com/2018/5/31/17413190/apple-ios-12-digital-health-iphone-time-used-rumor


Using are phones 80% of the day, unlocking them because we are bored, nervous or just a introvert never the less the list goes on. The article above is interesting and will be curious to see what age differences this will have the most impact on. We all need a balance in everything and if this feature comes with a setting telling the user put your phone down and do something else then we may have something. I’m tired of people using the excuse we live in a digitally driven world, but that does not take away we are still human, we have a brain, we have a voice remember we can talk

For Starters this is the team

Welcome to 615mindz818. Of course 615 is the area code for Nashville ans 818 is for Los Angeles. Our team consist of members from those 2 locations. We will be sharing our thoughts (random) everyday about whatever comes to mind and elaborate through each member. Are style will be random, but mostly in a script dialect.


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